Advanced Rhythm Teacher
Rosegger str. 17a
42289 Wuppertal

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Biography Henning von Vangerow

Actor - advanced rhythm teacher - Psychologist, TaKeTiNa education 1985-88 with Reinhard Flatischler and Dr. med.Wolf Bünting, Advanced Rhythm Teacher 2001.
Henning portrait Henning portrait Henning portrait
Theatre education at the "école Jacques Lecoq" Paris. Actor in England, Germany and France since 18 years for 18 years. Teaching TaKeTiNa since 1989 in Germany, Switzerland, England, France and Bresil.
Five years TaKeTiNa-Studio in Paris; working with "Atelier International de l'Acteur" and "Théâtre de l'Epopée". Working in tandem with Monika Pagneux. 1998 teaching TaKeTiNa at the "International-Workshop-Festival" London. Frequent workshops in Brussels, London and Sao Paulo.
body music festival 2013-2014 year-round trip to Brasil doing TaKeTiNa courses in Sao Paulo, Salvador da Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, in Universities and Favelas.